Protect & Nourish Your Plants

Use the PreGro Plant Sprayer with your own Pesticide or Fertilizer solution to deliver a precise, continuous and uniform spray for optimal plant surface coverage.

no more overspray or spotty coverage

Unlike common garden sprayers, the PreGro Plant Sprayer is easy to control, eliminating under - or overdosing your plants. Underdosing leaves vegetation vulnerable -- while overspraying leads to groundwater contamination -- putting you and your family at risk.

give your green thumb the upper hand

The PreGro Plant Sprayer delivers a continuous spray so it eliminates hand fatigue. As well as a Pesticide and Fertilizer sprayer, the PreGro can also be used to apply Herbicides, Fungicides and Insecticides to combat Fungus, Mold, Root Rot, Garden Pests and more!